“Inspiring and Sustaining a culture of women’s leadership and innovation”

“To develop skills+strategies for women interested in pursuing leadership opportunities in their respective career fields at all entry points”

“Provide a variety of program resources and tools of reflection for for women leadership paths and goals”

“From beginning and developing to established career women”

“Besides developing leadership strategies to maintain focus paths and self-awareness goal pathway(s) that best fit you”

“Transferable skill sets & strategy applications to you own professional and personal life”

“Create, innovate, sustain a culture of leadership”

What You Will Learn

  • Lead the creation of an innovative culture to enhance individual and work group performance
  • Learn self-managed communication skills
  • Identify critical fundamental communication skills to facilitate success
  • Be a more effective leader of organizational change and to strengthen collaborative management style
  • Pinpoint & identify processes and practices to recognize and remove barriers
  • Create and accelerate your own innovation culture plan

Who Should Attend

These outstanding programs are for individuals who want to explore the power of leadership and cultural innovation

  • Team leaders
  • Individuals responsible for change initiatives and the process of facilitation
  • Leaders that want to lead by example